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The 11 km sandy beach of Asprovalta  has been awarded the Blue Flag


Asprovalta is the ideal destination for summer, but also winter vacations. It’s close to Halkidiki and gives visitors many reasons to return again and again.

Asprovalta, The Year-Round Travel Destination in Greece

Built by the clear waters of the Strymonian Gulf, Asprovalta is the jewel town of the Volvi municipality and the ultimate destination for both summer and winter vacations. Boasting of its consecutive Blue Flag awards for its clean seas and only a short distance from the cities of Thessaloniki and Kavala, Asprovalta is ideal for long and short holidays all year round.

Asprovalta is a picturesque town, which dates back to the 16th century when it was a simple settlement known for its green environment. Today, it attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists every year, and there are a few reasons why.

Guests keep returning to Asprovalta for many reasons

Asprovalta is a major tourist hub in northern Greece due to its luxurious accommodation, reasonable rates, the beautiful environment, the amenities, and the long beach. Only an hour away from the border, it is a perfect destination for people residing in nearby countries.

Distinguished for its local olive oil, fish food, and tsipouro, Asprovalta doesn’t only offer a comfortable room at Stamatia Apartments but also a great gastronomic experience.

What to do in Asprovalta

The summer vacations become joyful at a beach so long and wide that it doesn’t get crowded even when it is packed. The adjacent promenade is the icing on the cake not only for summer night strolls but also for ways to breathe fresh air and enjoy the environment throughout the whole year.

Visitors hungry for interesting sites will enjoy the folklore museum, the Saint George church, and the Liotopi Routscheli – a settlement that dates back to the years after the Hellenistic period and discovered when digging to create the Egnatia Highway.

Asprovalta is the ideal travel destination year around

The exciting part with Asprovalta is its close distance to many other marvelous destinations, ranging from Halkidiki and Drama to Serres and Thessaloniki – to name a few.

It is not only a town of significant environmental, archaeological, religious, and gastronomic interest but offers easy access to many more destinations for quick getaways to all those interested in getting acquainted with this part of northern Greece.